Welcome to our learning center. Here you'll find educational resources about concentrates, our featured strains, as well as specific information about our ingredients, products and test results. Our Harmony Team strives to educate, inform and inspire the growing community of concentrate connoisseurs that passionately embrace the health giving properties of nature’s perfect plant.


Great extracts start with great flower. At Harmony we have carefully cultivated our garden of high THC strains with cutting-edge procedures that protect our plants from contaminants.

Our vast genetic library of cannabis includes more than 20 strains of OG, refined over many years to develop an exceptionally strong lineage. We have cultivated innumerable common and proprietary strains over the years and we’ve just gotten started.

Cultivating exotic strains is a Harmony passion. Crafting incredibly pure and flavorful concentrates is how we bring that passion to the world!

Check out a few of our favorite strains and lineage below.

Also, stay tuned on this page for highlights of featured strains and the latest Harmony innovations and information!

December 10, 2021


Velvet Smooth is a favorite of our whole team, from the grow to the lab all the way through packaging this strain turns heads. This cross […]
December 10, 2021


Monkey Berries is a strain that our team has really dialed in over the last 4-6 months and has now turned into a favorite for many […]
December 10, 2021


Gelato x Mimosa is a very popular strain in the cannabis industry for good reason. This strain was produced by crossing multiple already popular strains. Gelato […]


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