Our Harmony team produces Vape Pens, Live Sugars, Live Badders, Live Nectars, Shatters and Waxes, with the highest standards of quality, purity and flavor expression. We use a proprietary blend of hydrocarbons and incredibly precise temperature controls to extract the most brilliant individual expression of our extensive collection of popular and custom strains, with their unique cannabinoid, terpene, and color profile. All of our products are single-sourced from our own garden or hand picked from our partner growers, providing a consistently pure experience that promises you excellence and uncompromised value. Scroll down to explore more about all of our distinctive products so that you can ask for them by name. Head on over to our Dispensaries Page to find one near you and to check out the latest drops!


Live Badder is often considered the crème de la crème of cannabis concentrates. Our Live Badder is produced by extracting fresh frozen plant material and rapidly crystalizing it into a creamy, supple consistency that looks and feels like luscious wet cake badder. Depending on the strains, the final product can be anything from a moist crumbly baked cookie to a saucy, terp heavy, glistening badder. Our Live Badder consistently delivers high potency effects, terpene rich flavors and an ultra smooth dabbing experience.

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Just as the name implies, our live sugar is made up of thousands of delicious, tiny crystals. We start by extracting fresh frozen plant material and then allowing the extract to crystallize over time to produce our Live Sugar. During the extraction process, THC-A forms into crystals floating in terpenes. The final result is an aromatic, balanced blend of sugar-like crystals surrounded by layers of terpenes, resulting in a concentrate that preserves the plant’s true flavor profile and full body effects, in a savory, easy-to-use product.

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Harmony Live Nectar™ is one of our signature products. In the hydrocarbon extraction world, Live Nectar™ is a revolutionary product, created by our scientists, using some of the best extraction technology in the world. Harmony was the first in Colorado to bring this product to market. Our ground-breaking process separates the terpenes and THC-A crystals, producing a “Nectar™” that has the potency of a distillate with the flavor of a live extract. It’s the best of both worlds, without sacrificing one for the other, which consistently has the highest potency and most extraordinary flavor. Our Live Nectar™ is a finely curated ratio of the best THC crystals in a coating of fine terpenes. If you’re looking for a higher level of quality, this is your best option!

If you haven’t experienced Harmony Live Nectar™ yet and don’t want to miss out on this revolutionary concentrate creation, just click the link below to find your favorite dispensary near you!


Our Live Terp Badder and Live Terp Sugar are next level products. Using a proprietary method, we take the finest live badder and infuse it with water clear terpenes to create these purely unique concentrates. We produce our live terp badders and live terp sugars in small batches to bring you an exclusive dabbable experience that is second to none!

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Our waxes are made to perform. We start with high-THC plant strains, extract all the goodness nature has to offer, and whip in some O2 to create the perfect consistency. Depending on the source material, the end product can either be a more dry crumbly wax, or a soft thick budder. Waxes and budders are known for their great flavor and aroma, along with being very user-friendly for dabbing or adding to your next flower experience.

Love Wax? If you are ready for high performance and unsurpassed flavor, click the link below to find Harmony Wax at a dispensary near you!


Like a golden piece of stained glass, our shatter is a beautiful thing to behold. Our proprietary process results in some of the purest shatter available. Using dry cured plant material, we take the extract and process it into a sheet of amber colored glass like concentrate. Shatter does not “off-gas” terpenes at the same rate as wax or sugar, which means it maintains peak potency for longer periods of time. When stored at a consistent low temperature, Harmony Shatter maintains potency and flavor for months at a time, for your continued highly effective enjoyment!

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Our Live Sauce is made from nothing except our live resin. We spent 14 months researching and developing our Live Sauce formulation to ensure a stable product that is flavorful, potent and the closest thing to a dab on-the-go. We turned our exceptional Live Sauce into our vape line to create a spot-on representation of the flavor profile of the strains used. We have 510 threaded cartridges, Disposable Black Velvets, and special edition Woodstock Red Velvet Vapes. Our vape line is your best option for the highest quality Harmony products when you are out and about! You will not be disappointed!

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Flash stands for Flavored Hash and that is exactly what it is. Pure, clean, potent distillate, combined with botanically derived fruit flavors and terpenes that have no cutting agents. Our triple distilled delicious flavors like Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana, Grape, Watermelon and Fairy Floss are for cannabis lovers that prefer to enjoy some fruity, savory taste on the inhale and the exhale! Our superior Flash line of flavored distillate vape cartridges and disposables are crafted using the same methodology as all Harmony products. Harmony’s Botanically Derived Flash Flavors deliver organically derived terpenes and our signature distillate potency for a lusciously pure and effective vaping adventure!

You can experience Flavored Hash in a Harmony Botanically Derived Flash vape by clicking the link below to locate a dispensary near you!


Produced from the finest cannabis, GKUA Ultra Premium products are produced in Colorado by Harmony and Lil Wayne tasted and approved. Lil Wayne’s ultimate cannabis brand GKUA "is about being real, being appreciative and inspiring artists and dreamers." GKUA is quality, purity and potency in a line of products for "the best high of your life"!

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1856 Concentrates are unique flavors created by combining concentrates with botanically derived terpenes. This custom line of terpene rich concentrates delivers high quality, aromatic and flavorful products without breaking the bank!

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Looking for a high quality custom branded cannabis product? Look no further than our disposable vape pens. This exceptional cannabis item is made to order with your custom brand design and our award winning extracts. Contact us for information and pricing.


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